Saturday, August 7, 2010

10 Wacky Water Videos

Here are 10 water-related videos we found on YouTube for you. Enjoy!

1. Water-powered jet pack demonstration
2009 Düsseldorf Boat Show

2. Ice Light Bulb
Originally from Instructables.Com.
Includes DIY instructions

3. Water Dragon (A.K.A Oarfish)
Holds a Guinness record as the "Longest Bony Fish Alive."
Grows up to 36 feet (11 metres).
Believed to be the source of many sea serpent stories.

4. Underwater Explosion
Filmed in 1958. Impressive!

5. Underwater Car: Rinspeed sQuba
Real footage of an actual car designed to go under water!
(5 mins - drags a bit in places, but worth watching to the end)

6. Watch Rain Bounce
Time-lapse photography of a simulated rain droplet bouncing.

7. Supercooled Water Demonstration
Playing with icy cold water can be fun and inexpensive!
Here's how to make your own supercooled water.

8. Fascinated Cat
These folks wonder why their water bill is always so high!

9. Japanese Water Show Goes Digital
You gotta see this to believe it!

10. Pond Water Drying
Time-lapse photography of pond water as it dries.
Short, but fascinating!

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