Monday, June 10, 2013

Exciting New Summer Treat - Pizzaghetti Sloche!

We all love pizza and spaghetti here. We probably eat at least one helping of each every week.

In the Canadian province of Quebec, they take these classic favorites to an all new high. A decadently Italian meal combines pizza and spaghetti in a popular dish called pizzaghetti. To top this, the Quebec-based Canadian  convenience store chain, Couche-Tard, recently introduced a new pizzaghetti-flavored "Love in a Cup" sloche (a word the chain uses for slushie-type frozen drinks)!

Food bloggers and Tweeters around the globe immediately began spreading warnings and highly uninformed opinions about this new flavor. Some of the more dramatic tweeters went so far as to suggest you would "vomit in your mouth" upon tasting such a creation. It seemed the new flavor was doomed to fail before anyone ever tasted it.

It turns out the foodies could not be more wrong! The convenience store is known for its playfulness. They pulled a great gag on the world. People who actually tried the frozen concoction reported the flavors are remarkably similar to strawberry ("pizza" red) and kiwi ("ghetti" yellow). Apparently, the company pulls this kind of stunt often. Past flavors include gadoue (cow pie)/wild berry, sang froid (cold blood)/cherry, poussin frappe (whipped chicks)/berry, ouananiche (salmon)/ and wontong (wonton soup)/iced tea.

Many locals seem to enjoy the promotional gags, and even join in on the fun. Fans sent tweets such as, "Ummm... this is surprisingly good... :P Pizza and spaghetti flavour... #Pizzaghetti #Sure" by Allison Wonderland and, "So glad summer is here = New flavor from #Sloche #pizzaghetti" by vanbat10. Here is the 30-second television commercial. Enjoy!

Folks in Illinois, Oklahoma, and Missouri might be happy to know they will soon have their very own Couche-Tard stores. The convenience chain giant owns over 13,000 stores, and just bought 29 more in those states. No word yet whether they will also feature pizzaghetti sloches.

Thanks to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) for turning us on to this wacky company! We can't wait to find out what their next flavor will be.

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