Tuesday, February 10, 2009

EMF6742 Ghost Locator for Mac

Here's a program for the Apple OS X we think is worth mentioning in The Wacky List. It detects abnormal EMF readings in your home or office.

What are EMFs?
EMF is an acronym for Electro-Magnetic Field. They occur naturally near electrical devices and conduits. These include lights, telephones, microwaves, television sets, computers, power strips, wall outlets, and light switches.

Why are EMFs important?
Paranormal investigators are interested in EMFs that cannot be easily explained. In the paranormal community, EMF indicate paranormal activity. The current theory is that abnormally high EMF readings taken in unusual places, like in a barn with no electricity, indicate the presence of a ghost.

What should I do about high EMFs?

Nothing. Since you're running this program on a computer, you'll inevitably get high readings. If you're really concerned about paranormal activity in your home, consult a professional. The program is intended for entertainment value only, and is best used at parties with lots of gullible guests.

Download v1.5 of this application here.

For more details, visit MacUpdate.

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