Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Paper Airplane First - Space!

This is definitely one for the Wacky List! Three wacky British guys in a pub came up with a plan to launch a paper airplane into outer space. Unlike most pub-conceived ideas, these men carried through with their idea. Over the next several months, they put together a very impressive paper glider. Paper straws provided structure and support.

The team then crafted homemade electronics for tracking and to take some outstanding video footage, recording an hour and a half of the record-making voyage. They then recruited an American paper pilot, whose name was not released.

As seen in this video, the three realized their vision when their creation glided gently down to Earth from an altitude of around 80,000 feet. Equally impressive, it landed a mere 100 miles from the launch site. Their plane captured some impressive video footage on its descent.

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