Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wacky Oral Hygiene System: A Water Fountain in a Toothbrush!

Here's a wacky invention designed for anyone who has a problem rinsing after brushing or just can't keep track of their rinse cup. Simply hold your toothbrush under running water and it redirects part of the stream into your mouth. The package includes a replacement head, too.
It's a cool idea for a cool $22 US. Preorder now (Summer 2012) for November delivery. Order 900 and get 70% off - just in time for Winter Holiday gifts for 900 of your closest friends! Better still, you can get the original (one of one) prototype for a mere $3800 using your PayPal account. Wacky!
Be sure to watch this video of the toothbrush in action. There's even a wireframe mockup of it! Nobody shows how well it handles brushing your teeth, but there is a real person using it to rinse. This is definitely one for the Wacky List!

Thanks to The Gadgeteer for bringing it to our attention.

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