Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pepper Tears

Can peppers really cry? As wacky as it seems, apparently they can. A Spaniard named Mike snapped this picture when he noticed something remarkable about this bell pepper as soon as it was sliced in half. The pepper appears to be crying! That's truly wacky!

We came up with some possible reasons a pepper might cry.

- Wah! I'm not a habanero !!!
- Wah! I'm sleepy! I need a nap !!!
- Wah! I don't want to be eaten !!!
- Wah! I wanted to be an apple !!!
- Wah! Some guy just cut me in half !!!
- Wah! I thought I was in the line to become a "Pepper" soft drink !!!
- Wah! I got pepper juice in my eyes !!!

All corn aside, it made the Wacky List. Maybe that will make it happy!

Thanks to BitsAndPieces and to the contributor, Mike from Spain.

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